Since Sandy left town, we’ve been downloading MTA subway-recovery maps to feed WNYC’s Changing Trains map. Our Steve Melendez put them together in a time-lapse GIF. Click through to the full-size image.


Walking Three Miles in Blacked Out New York City Is Pretty Scary

By Casey Chan

Lower Manhattan in New York City is still mostly without power which means when night hits, it’s complete darkness. No street lights, no building lights, no lights at all. Joe Sabia wanted to see what it was like so he took a camera and walked three miles.

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We’ve seen it in countless movies, but the reality is grittier and more miserable than any overblown disaster flick. Sludge everywhere, small hills of dead rats, stairs that descend into tunnels full of filthy water… New York City flooded after Sandy is a dreadful place. This huge collection of images is heartbreaking.